What Entertainment Are You Looking For?

Corporate event planning can be very complicated. Whether it is an office holiday party, a product launch, a corporate-sponsored fundraiser, the goal is provide guests with a fun atmosphere that steps out of the traditional business scene. However, it is important to keep in mind that corporate events are linked to the business and reflect on that business, so it is critical that they maintain a certain level of professionalism.

What Atmosphere Do You Want To Create?

Wired Up Entertainment has worked with businesses of all types, helping them bring their ideas about events to life. As with all of our work, Joe, the company’s owner, works personally with businesses to get a feel for what type of event atmosphere the business wants to create.

  • Should the atmosphere be casual?
  • What age range will the guests be?
  • Will there be children in attendance?
  • Will the guests be drinking alcohol?
  • Will there be scheduled activities at the event?

All of these questions will help us get an idea for what type of event you want to have, and Joe can work with you to create that specific atmosphere.

Whatever your business entertainment needs, Wired Up Entertainment can help you meet them. Give us a call today, tell Joe what you envision for your event, and let him help you make it a reality!



Have you ever been to a corporate event and it just felt like another work presentation or meeting? Well, we think that every event, especially corporate events, should provide interactive entertainment for their guests to enjoy. Here are the top three reasons you should hire a DJ for your upcoming event:

  1. Create a memorable environment
  2. Appear and look professional
  3. Match the music to your theme


Lighting can help set the tone of your corporate event. It’s important to get it right because if the lights are too bright your event may seem industrial and rigid. If your lights are too dark, guests will miss the other design aspects and may become so relaxed they feel tired. Great lighting will create the perfect ambiance for your event and will help you focus the impact where it needs to be.

Lighting Solutions

  • Uplighting
  • Logo Monogram

Photo Booth

Photo booths are a NEW great alternative to traditional photographers at corporate events. Modern photo booths are kitted out with a host of marketing features that, with a little bit of creativity, can be a great way to promote your business at any corporate event. A step and repeat back drop of your company logo or a photo print-out advertising your brand are great ways to help promote your business. 

Corporate Photo Booths

  • Classic Photo Booth
  • Inflatable Party Photo Booth
  • Company Logo – Step and Repeat Backdrop
  • Green Screen Photo Booth 

What Our Clients Are Saying

Guilty Girls Giving Group

“Wired Up is a big difference from any DJs I have ever seen at events.  The music and set up really livened up the Guilty Girls Warehouse Sale!  Everyone was talking about you guys!  I really hope that the women who attended our event remember Wired Up for their future events.  I know I will!”

– Cathy, Event Coordinator

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