Uplighting is a series of lights, placed around the perimeter of a venue to wash the room with color. The room lights are dimmed and replaced by the colored light from the uplighting fixtures. Uplighting provides the perfect accent to any occasion. Our wireless LED lighting fixtures come with an endless array of colors to chose from.

Monograms and Logo Projection

monograms and logo projections-Custom monograms are a perfect way to display a message in style. Anything from a company logo to a couples' initials can be custom designed to be projected by our lights. We offer a full collection of monogram templates. Choose your favorite design or send us your logo and we'll create your custom projection. Personalize your event space by displaying your monogram or logo on a wall, dance floor, bar or cake table.

Pin Spot Lighting

Pin spot lighting is an underrated but hugely impactful form of highlighting your events decor and settings. Pin spot lighting placement of a miniature spotlight on a desired object adds a dramatic, showcasing effect that will make it a sight to see. Pin spot lighting can be as simple as just one light for your cake or a light for every centerpiece in the room. We recommend using Pin Spot lighting in conjunction with uplighting to allow your decor to stand out once you dim your house lights down for the festivities to begin.

String Lighting

We do all sorts of cafe string lighting, also called bistro string lights, over open-air weddings and events. This creates an event space in the absence of a tent and provides both functional and beautiful lighting at the same time. Our cafe string lighting rental is completely custom and varies by the area you need covered, the available connection points, and the complexity of the install.

Intelligent Lighting

Imagine this... It's now about an hour into the time of your reception or party. The Dinner service was fantastic, everyone's almost finished eating a fabulous meal. Ok. Now is the official time to "open up the dance floor". How can you help to create a transition into this next phase of the party?What can you do to help to change the energy/vibes in the room to help encourage your guests to the feel the mood to dance? One of the easiest ways to add an element of excitement to your party: Dance Floor Lighting. Colorful, moving lights poured over the dance floor area create a visual effect that helps get people in the mood and makes the dance floor feel exciting.

Black/ UV Party Lights

Are you looking for event rentals and lighting rentals? Wired Up Entertainment is your destination for event equipment rentals and event production services. Your guests will glow in the dark with our super powerful DJ quality ultraviolet (UV) LED black lights. They are very easy to set-up. Just plug them in and you're ready to go. Make sure your area is really dark, these lights work the best when they are the only light source. All of our uv/black lights are newer LED fixtures so the bulbs don't get hot, are safe to use, and can stay on for your whole party.