We do all sorts of cafe string lighting, also called bistro string lights, over open-air weddings and events. This creates an event space in the absence of a tent and provides both functional and beautiful lighting at the same time. Our cafe string lighting rental is completely custom and varies by the area you need covered, the available connection points, and the complexity of the install.

String lights are small bulbs of light connected by a cord or string hung from the ceiling or across an area in the sky to act as a ceiling.

  • String lighting is the perfect solution to illuminate dance floors and dining areas.
  • We use commercial grade, pear shaped, 15-watt bulbs that are spaced 18″ apart to offer the perfect amount of warm light.
  • Unlike large outdoor fixtures, string lighting can illuminate a large area while still creating a charming and lovely ambiance that can be admired and appreciated by night.
  • When dining or dancing under these string lights, your event will be one that is remembered by you and your guests forever