DSC05553-300x200Wow Your Guests!
Incorporate Virtual Reality into your next event.

Virtual reality (VR) is the hottest technology on the market. Everywhere you turn people are talking about virtual reality and how much fun it is to experience. With all the buzz surrounding virtual reality, now is the time to bring it to your next event. This unique experience fits well with companies, organizations, and families that want their event guests to have a fun time, create lasting memories, and rave about their event afterwards.

Guests will be able to engage in total 360-degree, 3D visuals, binaural sound that reacts to your head movements, and gesture-based controllers that know the difference between a thumbs-up and a trigger finger. Say whaaaaat?!


Check out this video on our new virtual reality rentals.

Wired Up Entertainment is the 1st Delaware-based entertainment company to offer virtual reality rentals for your next event.

Call 302.563.9092 for booking details.

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