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Owner • DJ • Event Host

Joe Zahn is the proud owner of Wired Up Entertainment. He is made of music. His lifelong obsession with music began at the age of 10 when he started playing the saxophone. In his early teens, he mixed music in his bedroom and soon performed at his own school dances.  From then on he was hooked. It wasn’t long before people took notice of his talents and Zahn, also known as DJ Z, was flown out to Las Vegas to perform for Don Veto’s VMA after party. He has also performed along side the Harlem Globe Trotters and was an opening act for Flo Rida.

In 2009 Zahn started DJ Z Music, which soon became Wired Up Entertainment as his company quickly began to grow. Zahn is proud of the hard work and dedication that his “Guys in Pink Ties” bring to every event.

“Let me start off my saying that I am a Professional Wedding DJ and EMCEE.  This is my career. DJ’ing is not something I do on the side or do for a hobby.  It is my full time career that I absolutely love. As the Owner of Wired Up Entertainment I take pride in what I do and I make sure every event is flawless for each of my clients.”

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DJ • Event Host

Andrew, also known as DJ Big Easy has a keen ear for music, making him one of the best in his field. He has an incredible presence when speaking on the microphone and knows how to keep the crowd moving with the oldies, top 40, Motown, hip-hop, R&B and classics. His musical knowledge combined with the ability to “read the crowd” ensures a packed dance floor throughout your entire event.

DJ Big Easy takes pride in knowing that you have chosen Wired Up Entertainment for a reason and that you expect nothing but the best. “When I’m DJing a wedding with a room full of people who care about each other, the energy is electrifying.”

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DJ • Event Host

DJ Louie T believes that all music is good; it’s just a matter of playing it at the right place at the right time. His precise timing, superior mixing skills, expert mic skills, and understanding of what people are actually hearing and experiencing makes him the ultimate choice as DJ and event host. You will quickly understand why he was born to entertain. He also takes pride in going beyond his client’s wedding expectations to make their wedding vision a reality. When DJ Louie T steps behind the turntables at a wedding, he commits to the moment 100%.

“In my industry, every person is welcome, every day is a party, and every night is a celebration.”

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DJ • Event Host

Growing up in the Philadelphia area while surrounded by a family’s passion for music, it was a no-brainer that Torrin Davis was born to DJ. Davis, also known as DJ Toroc used music as his form of expression and individualism that followed him all the way to Pittsburgh where he quickly became a highly sought after talent. DJ Toroc is the personal DJ for the New York Jets, starting safety, Rontez Miles. He has also headlined Penn State’s Homecoming Party and has hosted the National DJ Expo After Hour’s Event. DJ Toroc loves to provide the type of music and entertainment that each event requires.

“I am very outgoing! I love to instruct guests on how to do the latest dance moves and new line dances. I am very energetic and I never fail to entertain crowds. My job is to keep the dance floor going. My cross-genre musical knowledge is very extensive and creative. This allows me to connect with each individual’s taste for music. Your event will be guaranteed fun and unique for everyone.”

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DJ • Event Host

Eric’s love for music began at the age of 12 when he started making beats and writing music. Over the past few years Eric decided to pursue his new passion for DJing by joining the “Guys in Pink Ties”. DJ Eric Z enjoys playing music that gets the crowd pumped up. His high-energy performance is interactive and fun. He loves to bring out the fun side in every guest while encouraging them to dance the night away. With a great voice for the microphone and the ability to read the crowd, DJ Eric Z has continually kept the dance floor packed and couples happy!

“By choosing me to take care of your special day, you can be confident that your wedding will be amazing and exactly what you always imagined. I will make sure that your wedding will go on to be the most memorable day of your life!”

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Event Host • Vocalist


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DJ • Event Host

DJ Mike V enjoys creating a memorable experience for couples on their wedding day. With 17 years of DJ and EMCEE experience, along with his outstanding reputation, DJ Mike V is a great choice for your special day. He is the kind of DJ that wants to keep your guests on the dance floor until the very last song is played.

“I specialize in creating a great atmosphere while keeping the flow of your event running smoothly. My emcee announcing style is professional and to the point. I keep it classy. I also like to mix up the music to keep all different ages on the dance floor at all times.”

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Michael Romeo, a native Philadelphian, has been playing drums and percussion for over 30 years.  He honed his skills as an improvisational drummer & percussionist by playing it his way-anywhere and everywhere he would go over the last 15 years.  Armed with a single djembe slung around his back, he has gone from crashing from crashing festivals and nightclubs to becoming the headlining act. Over the years he has played extensively in L.A., NYC, Philly, the Jersey Shore and other east coast shore points, Miami and Europe.  Unlike most drummers who play only one particular style, he holds no allegiance to any particular genre of music and has dismissed the confines of traditional teachings in exchange for a daring, all-out freestyle technique that lives in the moment.

He has shared the sound system with top DJ’s like DJ AM, Marcus Wyatt, Pete Tong, Tiesto, and many, other top flight DJ’s, including a 3 year residency at the world famous Borgata Nightclub in Atlantic City, NJ. His vivacious energy coupled with his ability to create an organic connection between the DJ and the dance floor energizes crowds and can elevate any performance.

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Singer • Acoustic Guitar Player

Throughout Joe’s career, he has opened for A-list recording artists.  Now, a family man, Joe’s focus is on weddings.  Allow him to serenade your guests in attendance during your ceremony, cocktail hour or even your dining hour.  Don’t see your favorite song in Joe’s repertoire?   Joe will custom create an acoustic rendition for you.

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Photo Booth Technician

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